The Right Way to Call An Ape

The Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore is over. We've been treated to lots of spectacles on the streets, like the two leaders' great motorcades that caused half-hour jams at rush hour, KJU's running guards, and the dotard gushing over the despot. But it is sheer coincidence, I assure you, that my post immediately following the summit... Continue Reading →


Exciting Times Ahead

The start of a new year is always an exciting time. It's full of promise in the blank spaces of my appointment schedule and my to-do list. That it's quite empty right now can be a little unsettling, but I also choose to see the excitement of possibility lying in there. What will I do... Continue Reading →

As a freelance travel journalist, I sometimes like to capture candid shots of people on the streets to catch the local flavour. But I am aware that some people don't like having their pictures taken by strangers, and in parts of Asia, the older folk in particular, can be a little superstitious about having their photo taken. To get round that, I sometimes... Continue Reading →

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