The Saturday Kitchen — Tau Sar Piah & the Joy of Mung Beans

  Mung beans is a perfect testament to the adage, still waters run deep. One glance and it may be the wallflower of the culinary world, pale, insipid and so small you hardly notice its presence. But it is in fact a most exciting ingredient in Asia, not least because it is the main ingredient... Continue Reading →


The Saturday Kitchen — Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake

The daughter has been slaving away at her desk the last few months preparing for her upcoming IB exams which finally takes place next week. So I try to stay home as much as possible during this period just to be with her to give her moral support. I think it makes a difference for... Continue Reading →

The Saturday Kitchen – Kueh Salat, A Double Decker Delight

One of my favourite desserts is kueh, a whole genre of little cakes and confections found in the indigenous cuisines of Southeast Asia. Called kueh, or kuih, it is an integral part of Indonesian, Malay and Peranakan culinary culture. You'll also find renditions of that genre in Thailand. There hundreds of different kinds of kueh... Continue Reading →

The Saturday Kitchen – Shanghai Mooncakes with Lotus Paste

I have always had a weakness for traditional Chinese pastries, particularly those filled with lotus paste or red bean paste. But I always thought they were prohibitively complicated to make, until about a year ago when I rashly agreed to make some for a photoshoot and cookbook on mooncakes. That got me learning and practising... Continue Reading →

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