Lazy Days At Amangalla, Fort Galle

Of all the gorgeous hotels and resorts I've had the privilege to stay in, one of the most enchanting in every sense of the word, is the Amangalla in Galle Fort, Sri Lanka. With the expressway that now connects Colombo the Fort Galle, the journey from the airport should take less than three hours. When... Continue Reading →


The Saturday Kitchen — Exotic Baiye Tofu & Coriander Salad

I love Asian salads. Most of them burst with bold, aromatic flavours yet they are always refreshing and light. This exotic Baiye Tofu & Coriander salad is one of my favourites, and go-to when I have guests over, or just as part of a midweek meal. It is very healthy and makes use of some... Continue Reading →

The Sofitel Metropole Hotel’s Forgotten Underground Bunker, Hanoi

While we're on the topic of war bunkers, the historic Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi hotel has its own underground air raid shelter. Forgotten for decades since the Vietnam (or American) War, it was rediscovered by chance after the renovation of their Bamboo Bar, and reopen in 2012 for public viewing. In tribute to the hotel... Continue Reading →

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