Happy new year! Time really flies and it’s amazing that a year has passed so quickly. Thank you for coming along with me on my modest blogging journey through 2018. So grateful to have made a new friends along the way who have been all but encouraging and fun. You know who you are.

So another year yawns before us now with all the promise it brings. Again I tell myself I will blog more this time, having done not quite as much as I had planned to last year. But it was not time wasted—I published my third book The House on Silat Road (more on that on a next post), travelled more than initially planned and collaborated with new people on exciting book-related projects. Having taken my first hiatus in my 28 years of food writing, I’ve had some extra time to delve into other small things and discover that just perhaps I might have a thing for gardening too. Early success with mint and a pot of non-indigenous chrysanthemums have given me reason to hope. Now what do I do with a large Tupperware of mint? Caipirinhas beckon. But isn’t gardening an older person’s thing? Having tumbled into my second century, it’s a tough fact to face, but I shall embrace it with all the youth and exuberance of my 18-year-old inner self.

I have never really fulfilled my new year resolutions, but I have not become cynical and I continue to make resolutions every new year. Last year, I wanted to become fit and focused,….I just got focused and put on a few extra kilos. This year, I want to become fit and focused again, re-do my garden, update my home cooking repertoire, and hopefully churn out a couple more books. And indeed, write more here, read more from your blogs and make more connections here.

Happy new year my friends. May 2019 be a happy, healthy and fulfilling one for all of us.


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