The Saturday Kitchen — Exotic Baiye Tofu & Coriander Salad

I love Asian salads. Most of them burst with bold, aromatic flavours yet they are always refreshing and light. This exotic Baiye Tofu & Coriander salad is one of my favourites, and go-to when I have guests over, or just as part of a midweek meal. It is very healthy and makes use of some... Continue Reading →


The Saturday Kitchen- Coffee Ribs

You know how sometimes random bits of wisdom just fall upon your eavesdropping ears and opens up divine epiphanies? That happened to me a couple weeks ago. "Life is too short to cook the same dishes day after day", I heard someone say, and that hit a cord. I had been working on a narrow... Continue Reading →

The Saturday Kitchen – Kueh Salat, A Double Decker Delight

One of my favourite desserts is kueh, a whole genre of little cakes and confections found in the indigenous cuisines of Southeast Asia. Called kueh, or kuih, it is an integral part of Indonesian, Malay and Peranakan culinary culture. You'll also find renditions of that genre in Thailand. There hundreds of different kinds of kueh... Continue Reading →

The Saturday Kitchen – Shanghai Mooncakes with Lotus Paste

I have always had a weakness for traditional Chinese pastries, particularly those filled with lotus paste or red bean paste. But I always thought they were prohibitively complicated to make, until about a year ago when I rashly agreed to make some for a photoshoot and cookbook on mooncakes. That got me learning and practising... Continue Reading →

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