A Fancy Pie Shop in London

The day had finally come when we brought the daughter off to London to pursue her university degree. While our universities in Singapore are excellent, the course she chose was not available here. Having studied in a UK university myself, I particularly wanted her to experience life abroad too to widen her horizons. It did … Continue reading A Fancy Pie Shop in London


Hanoi’s Coffee Culture

If there's a city with a proud cafe culture, it is Hanoi. The locals are immensely proud of their local coffee, and sip it all day in their inimitable style. I wish we in Singapore were as proud of our local coffee as they are. In nooks and crannies, tucked deep inside narrow 'tube houses' … Continue reading Hanoi’s Coffee Culture

Lunch on Mt Qingcheng, Chengdu

Often when I travel, the best food experiences are not so much at renown restaurants but the unexpected places where I am surprised by good, honest, humble food. And so it was the case during my visit to Chengdu last week. We had gone to see Mt Qingcheng, one of the most important sites in … Continue reading Lunch on Mt Qingcheng, Chengdu

Hanoi Street Food – Bun Rieu Nam Bo

I love exploring the street food of the countries and cities I visit. The cuisine and ways of eating tells as much about a country and its people as sightseeing does. More so, perhaps, as it literally gives you the flavour of the land, and a peek into the soul of the people. On a … Continue reading Hanoi Street Food – Bun Rieu Nam Bo

Chee Cheong Fun

The ultimate Singapore breakfast is still local food. Scrambled truffle-flecked eggs with a side serving of caviar or eggs benedict washed down with a nice flute of breakfast champagne are all nice and good, decadent and befitting of chi-chi foodies - genuine or wannabe's. But if the morning broke and it was going to herald my last meal - … Continue reading Chee Cheong Fun