Hanoi’s Coffee Culture

If there's a city with a proud cafe culture, it is Hanoi. The locals are immensely proud of their local coffee, and sip it all day in their inimitable style. I wish we in Singapore were as proud of our local coffee as they are. In nooks and crannies, tucked deep inside narrow 'tube houses' … Continue reading Hanoi’s Coffee Culture

The Right Way to Call An Ape

The Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore is over. We've been treated to lots of spectacles on the streets, like the two leaders' great motorcades that caused half-hour jams at rush hour, KJU's running guards, and the dotard gushing over the despot. But it is sheer coincidence, I assure you, that my post immediately following the summit … Continue reading The Right Way to Call An Ape

No Red for This Monkey Household

The mother-in-law faithfully consults her geomancer, or fortune teller, every year just before Chinese New Year. Without fail, he would advise her on the auspicious dates for putting up the festive red banner, or 'ang chai' over the main entrance of each of her children's respective homes. This would be ascertained based on the┬árespective members … Continue reading No Red for This Monkey Household