The Liebster Award!

What a wonderful, uplifting start to the new year! It was such a surprise to be nominated by Khelzz of Daily Life's Journey for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much. It has certainly given me a boost to write more often and pick up my blogging momentum this year. (New year resolution!) It's also … Continue reading The Liebster Award!


Photo 101 – Scale

This is my country. I had taken this panorama of the city area overlooking Marina Bayfront in August last year when Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence. Even when I look at this picture now, I feel a great sense of pride. A little country with no resources, we took ourselves from third world … Continue reading Photo 101 – Scale

Photo 101 – Architecture in Monochrome

We visited Bordeaux last year when my husband and his friend went to run the Medoc Marathon. I can't say much about the marathon but I loved the little streets of Bordeaux, winding between stone buildings and opening up unexpectedly in piazzas. I took this shot from a cafe window as we were having some … Continue reading Photo 101 – Architecture in Monochrome

Photo 101 – Pop of Colour

Had a lovely lunch tasting today at St Pierre, Singapore's only Relais & Chateaux restaurant. It's a fine dining French restaurant at One Fullerton, overlooking the Marina Bayfront. Lunch stretched over three hours, ending with a magnificent dessert trolley of petit fours, from little cakes to macarons, jellies and chocolates. Here's my pop of colour … Continue reading Photo 101 – Pop of Colour

Photo 101 – Warmth & Light

The light outside today is not warm, but hot and glaring. So for today's assignment, I felt it best to pick something out of my heap of holiday photos. I think warmth and light from the sun is nicely captured here, illuminating one of my favourite desserts, Baklava, perfectly paired with sweet tea Turkish style. This was … Continue reading Photo 101 – Warmth & Light

Photo 101 – Natural World & Leading Lines

I pottered out into my garden just now to undertake today's assignment, Natural World & Leading Lines, with my Canon SLR. My garden isn't big, but it is lush with a wilderness of tropical leaves and where ants, bugs and a large mottled garden lizard live. While looking for shapes and lines, I thought it … Continue reading Photo 101 – Natural World & Leading Lines

Chee Cheong Fun

The ultimate Singapore breakfast is still local food. Scrambled truffle-flecked eggs with a side serving of caviar or eggs benedict washed down with a nice flute of breakfast champagne are all nice and good, decadent and befitting of chi-chi foodies - genuine or wannabe's. But if the morning broke and it was going to herald my last meal - … Continue reading Chee Cheong Fun