The Saturday Kitchen – Tempeh in Sweet Soy Sauce

Greetings from The Saturday Kitchen again. Still finding inspiration from my recent trip to Bali, and realising I should eat more vegetables than meat, here's another quick dish which finds its origins in Indonesia. Tempeh is fermented soy beans, often sold in rectangular cakes wrapped neatly in banana leaves and paper. It is pretty substantial... Continue Reading →

Photo 101 – Pop of Colour

Had a lovely lunch tasting today at St Pierre, Singapore's only Relais & Chateaux restaurant. It's a fine dining French restaurant at One Fullerton, overlooking the Marina Bayfront. Lunch stretched over three hours, ending with a magnificent dessert trolley of petit fours, from little cakes to macarons, jellies and chocolates. Here's my pop of colour... Continue Reading →

The light outside today is not warm, but hot and glaring. So for today's assignment, I felt it best to pick something out of my heap of holiday photos. I think warmth and light from the sun is nicely captured here, illuminating one of my favourite desserts, Baklava, perfectly paired with sweet tea Turkish style. This was... Continue Reading →

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