The Disgruntled Chef on Dempsey Road

For the record, there's nothing disgruntled or grumpy or grouchy about the Disgruntled Chef. This brasserie/gastrobar in Singapore may sport a gimmicky name, but once you get past that, you discover that the food here is pretty darn good. Because it occupies a somewhat sunken corner of Dempsey Road (a former army camp and barracks) abutting... Continue Reading →


Manhattan – The Booziest Sunday Brunch in Singapore

If Pan Pacific Singapore's Edge makes brunch a wholesome, super-long afternoon indulgence, Manhattan at the Regent Hotel makes it super sexy, and all you'll want to do at the end of it is crawl home in an alcohol-infused haze and nap the afternoon away.  Brunch at a bar? Yes, complete with all the booze and... Continue Reading →

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