Photo 101 – Solitude

On a guided walk through historical Bukit Brown Cemetery not long ago, I snapped this shot of a stone lion, a traditional Chinese grave guardian who has stood faithful by its master's grave for almost a century. The grass may have overgrown and the rain and sun may have beat down on its shoulders for … Continue reading Photo 101 – Solitude

Photo 101 – Water

Day Three of Photo101, and the assignment is WATER. Ta-da! Not quite 'water' strictly, but a wonderfully made vesper martini would contain a good percentage of water somewhere in the making of the spirits I'm sure. Anyway, it looks like water, even if it is not. I shot this at Jin Sha restaurant at the … Continue reading Photo 101 – Water

Photo101 #2 – Street

Assignment #2 of my current Photo101 course, which I am enjoying tremendously, the theme is Street. Here is my chosen image. It is an image snapped on a recent holiday to PingYao, the only completely walled city left in China and listed as UNESCO World Heritage. It is a charming little walkable town, like a … Continue reading Photo101 #2 – Street

Chinese New Year – We’ve Got Lions!

We just celebrated Chinese New Year, also called Lunar New Year and Spring Festival. As always, the extended family - cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews direct or once removed, newly acquired in-laws and hapless souls soon-to-be absorbed into our fold -- descends upon my mother's house for the usual CNY lunch party. The menu is … Continue reading Chinese New Year – We’ve Got Lions!

Remembering the Fall of Singapore – 15 February 1942

I am very proud to post this feature written by my mother, Mdm Si-Hoe Sing Sow, who witnessed the Fall of Singapore on 15 February, 1942. She was only 8 years old then and lived through the atrocities of the Japanese Occupation to tell the tale. "The siren will sound punctually at noon. No one … Continue reading Remembering the Fall of Singapore – 15 February 1942

One Lovely Blog Award – Spread the Love!

I am thrilled to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by SpiritualJourney17 ! I follow her blog closely and love her uplifting, feel-good musings, poetry and stories. She is a person who 'smiles often, dreams big, laughs a lot and loves much', and I just love that positive happy vibe. The One Lovely Blog award works on a simple mechanism. Here's … Continue reading One Lovely Blog Award – Spread the Love!

No Red for This Monkey Household

The mother-in-law faithfully consults her geomancer, or fortune teller, every year just before Chinese New Year. Without fail, he would advise her on the auspicious dates for putting up the festive red banner, or 'ang chai' over the main entrance of each of her children's respective homes. This would be ascertained based on the respective members … Continue reading No Red for This Monkey Household

Do You Mind If I….?

I like entertaining, I like cooking for friends and family, and entertaining at home. By and large, I am a people person. But I hate it when someone asks "Do you mind if I bring my _________(insert relation/name of friend/family/random stranger) along?" It is a question that, as a polite Asian, I have been brought … Continue reading Do You Mind If I….?