Photo 101 – Water

Day Three of Photo101, and the assignment is WATER. Ta-da! Not quite 'water' strictly, but a wonderfully made vesper martini would contain a good percentage of water somewhere in the making of the spirits I'm sure. Anyway, it looks like water, even if it is not. I shot this at Jin Sha restaurant at the … Continue reading Photo 101 – Water


Drink Me

As a food writer, I often get to eat really good food. Most of the time, it's great...but this one time, a box of instant veggie/herb grass health drink satchets landed on my desk and I had to try it. It promised a whole lot of goodness in the sealed, single portion packs, and all a … Continue reading Drink Me

Lunch on Mt Qingcheng, Chengdu

Often when I travel, the best food experiences are not so much at renown restaurants but the unexpected places where I am surprised by good, honest, humble food. And so it was the case during my visit to Chengdu last week. We had gone to see Mt Qingcheng, one of the most important sites in … Continue reading Lunch on Mt Qingcheng, Chengdu

Being Stuck

There are few situations more annoying than being stuck in a conversation with someone who believes he or she knows, has experienced/seen and understands more than you. Their default state of mind is that you (or whoever else is caught in their line of sight) are not nearly their equal, but they will grace you … Continue reading Being Stuck

The Disgruntled Chef on Dempsey Road

This restaurant has since closed.  For the record, there's nothing disgruntled or grumpy or grouchy about the Disgruntled Chef. This brasserie/gastrobar in Singapore may sport a gimmicky name, but once you get past that, you discover that the food here is pretty darn good. Because it occupies a somewhat sunken corner of Dempsey Road (a … Continue reading The Disgruntled Chef on Dempsey Road

Manhattan – The Booziest Sunday Brunch in Singapore

If Pan Pacific Singapore's Edge makes brunch a wholesome, super-long afternoon indulgence, Manhattan at the Regent Hotel makes it super sexy, and all you'll want to do at the end of it is crawl home in an alcohol-infused haze and nap the afternoon away.  Brunch at a bar? Yes, complete with all the booze and … Continue reading Manhattan – The Booziest Sunday Brunch in Singapore

Old Clifford Pier Stunningly Restored

I have been waiting for many years for One On The Bund at the Fullerton Bay Hotel to close. The restaurant didn’t really ever take off, with indifferent food, ghastly furniture and an almost sacrilegious use of the special space it so undeservedly occupied – Clifford Pier. The latter is an 81-year-old landmark of old … Continue reading Old Clifford Pier Stunningly Restored