IMG_6035I have been a food and travel writer for magazines for 27 years, and been a magazine editor several times too. Recently, I fulfilled another dream, and wrote and published two children’s books based on historical Singapore. Now in my naughty forties, I am throwing myself into the wide uncharted world of blogging to explore writing wherever my thoughts, interests and impulses takes me.

Running away from formalized editorial line-ups, house style and target audiences, I am giving free and unshackled rein to my writing and see where that takes me.

What would I be writing about this year? Food, cooking and travel, as cliché as it seems, are still my passions. But I might venture occasionally into history, for I am a local history nerd, and Singapore has one of the most overlooked but romantic histories around. And there’ll also be random musings, because there’s always a whole of lot of conversations going on in my head.

If anyone out there would care to journey along with me, I would love to have your company!

Ee Waun


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      1. Yes, you have to keep posting. You have interesting stories to share. Also, I was excited to read that you had worked for magazines for 25 years. I sold advertising for a Regional magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area, so I have always LOVED magazine, articles, ads and so on. I am sure you have a lot of GREAT stories to share!!


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