The streets of Hanoi are crazy, chaotic, vibrant and exciting. Every pedestrian walkway and space in front of the shops is either filled with tables and chairs for a street-side food stall, or with scooters squashed together handlebar to handlebar. There’s really no place for a cat to find a foothold. But while on a night time food tour in Hanoi just a couple days ago, I came across this magnificent creature, all fuzzy, fat and pristine in its white coat and elegant black accents. Never mind that the horns of scooters were blaring incessantly, and people were trudging past barely a whisker away from its face. Here it sat, most serene; a picture of tranquility and dignity in a messy, crazy world. After a crazy, mind-blowing surprise like today, perhaps there’s something we can all learn from the Cat of Hanoi.



5 thoughts on “The Cat of Hanoi

    1. Hello again! Yes, I was quite surprised to see such a cat in the dirty streets of Hanoi. Yes, I did indeed eat at the foodstalls, with some trepidation at first, but all turned out well. I was told that street food in Hanoi is generally quite safe; but I won’t try it in Thailand. A friend had a bad experience there too and had to be hospitalised for three days after tasting the street food. Then again, I have others who have eaten all over Thailand without incident too…..


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