The last time I wrote a poem was when I was 19 and in university, doing a BA in English literature. I hadn’t returned to it much in an academic way until just two days ago while helping my daughter with poetry annotation for her IB course. It struck me how much I had enjoyed every aspect of literature and how much I had missed it all these years. So this is a verse that came to me spontaneously – the first that  I have written in almost 30 years…just for fun.

“Today I return to my first love
Art for art’s sake, words for words’ sake.
The sound of words, clipped, flowing, leaping, swish-swashing
Onomatopoeia. Paints thought-coloured landscapes in my head.
What a luxury to have studied poetry in
Times of youth when all the world was far away yet
was the oyster, beckoning, inviting, plump with promise,
yet to be opened
Pried open by a gilded spoon.”


6 thoughts on “Today I return to my first love

      1. Yup it is. Its a wonderful experience 🙂 well I m from India. So the kind of courses we have is different. My course is Language and literature. It has everythng – British literature, American literature and canadian lit and carribean studies as electives. Wedont have specialisation for post graduation. Specialisation is for M. phil students. But I can take up any topic for my research project at the end of my post graduation.


  1. I get this….I recently returned to music study. I think it is important as we get older to go back remember the things we loved…and to pick up where we left off.

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      1. You are right…personally..I’m enjoying these old “flames” more now that I’m older…my attitude toward relearning / picking up where I left off is different. I’m more at ease and relaxed about it and not so hard on myself. I’m enjoying the process and not really trying so hard to “get someplace”. Enjoy your “return”!


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