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Playing catching up after a few days of being super busy, here’s my Photo 101 post that combines Edge & Alignment and Glass into one.

I had taken this in Melbourne, through the window of Coda, a quirky east-west restaurant in Flinders Lane. It was in the evening, and we were just heading in there for dinner. I like how the lights and the reflection on the window (that’s me!) seem to float amid the straight black lines of the metalwork. Incidentally, how many people can you see in the photo?


7 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Edge, Alignment & Glass

  1. I’m catching up, horribly late, with my photo 101 friends and my own assignments. I have to say this is my favourite image of the whole course – I love it, mystery, glass, a sense of alchemy and magic. Love it!


    1. Awww, that’s such a HUGE compliment! Thanks Hannah! You’re right about catching up with Photo101 friends too. I have been trying to keep up too; such a pleasure time and again to keep in touch with fellow ‘classmates’ around the world. 🙂


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