This is my country. I had taken this panorama of the city area overlooking Marina Bayfront in August last year when Singapore celebrated its 50th anniversary of independence. Even when I look at this picture now, I feel a great sense of pride. A little country with no resources, we took ourselves from third world to first world in half a century, and we are happily multiracial. Only thing is, it’s getting seriously expensive living here now, but we cope.

As you can see, it was a big party, and the fireworks had just been set off. There was a big parade at the Padang just to the right of this picture, which I didn’t capture in this frame.

As a family, we love the fireworks on National Day, but we’re not too enamoured with crowds. So we did a staycation at the Fairmont, to soak in the atmosphere, celebrate with the nation but in the comfort of our room. Chips, wine, beer, and nibbles, followed by dinner at a restaurant later.


10 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Scale

  1. Amazing capture! Yes, Singapore did much better than rest of Asia during this time frame. better than Japan, Korea… Thailand! Rest of these dipped but Singapore is still robust.


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