The light outside today is not warm, but hot and glaring. So for today’s assignment, I felt it best to pick something out of my heap of holiday photos. I think warmth and light from the sun is nicely captured here, illuminating one of my favourite desserts, Baklava, perfectly paired with sweet tea Turkish style. This was taken a couple years ago when we visited Turkey, at a charming little eaterie called Kadin Girismciler Kooperatif Restaurant (Uğur Mumcu Caddesi) in the town of Avanos, in Cappadocia.

Kadin Girismciler is a women’s co-operative which aims to empower women by providing them with some financial independence and the experience of running their own business. Here, the ladies serve lovely, homemade fare at decent prices. They cook from a home kitchen at the back of the building, turning out simple dishes like eggplant stuffed with mince meat and rice, meatballs, dolman, and baklava. It was one of my most memorable meals.


9 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Warmth & Light

  1. That sounds like the most memorable lunch experience that you´ve captured so very beautifully. Not only do I love the light and warmth in your photo, but also the shadows that give this shot frame and depth. Great job, thanks for sharing this one!!

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