On a guided walk through historical Bukit Brown Cemetery not long ago, I snapped this shot of a stone lion, a traditional Chinese grave guardian who has stood faithful by its master’s grave for almost a century. The grass may have overgrown and the rain and sun may have beat down on its shoulders for generations, but this little lion still remains stoic and steadfast. If it could talk, I wonder what amazing tales it would tell. And at night when all falls still, will the ancient souls of the cemetery rise and mingle and chat like they used to in life? It would be a wonderful sight, as many buried there were rich merchants, community leaders, prominent people and war-heroes during the Japanese Occupation in WWII.


5 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Solitude

    1. Hihi! always good to hear from you. Thanks for reading and leaving a message. 🙂 The stone lions are guardians of all things really — households, temples, gateways, and yes, even graves. They are auspicious, symbols of strength and majesty. Always nice to have one in the garden — scaled to fit, of course. 🙂


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